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How to print from Photoshop

How to print from Photoshop

May 10th, 2009 in , , , by aran

Photoshop Printing Tips You’ve finally mastered making your photograph or image the exact way you want it. However, printing directly from Photoshop and getting exactly what you want doesn’t always work out. Photoshop can do colour conversions at the print time, and so can the printer driver. And if they do it at the same time? The result is nothing like you planned. First things first Be sure that your display has been calibrated and profiled, and double check that you have a good profile for your printer. Using Print with Preview The default selection for most Photoshop programs uses the Print with Preview selection. Once there, click on Sow More Options. A pop-up up menu will appear; select Color Management. In Print Space, select the profile for your printer and computer. If you are using ICC-based ...